Pride brings disgrace

Hi, God’s word for me today 11:2 which says, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”

So the verse says that pride brings disgrace, but humility brings wisdom, so if we are proud and we try to “puff ourselves up” then we will be disgraced, but if we humble ourselves then we will have wisdom (I know the verse just said that), I remember that in the Bible Jesus said to the pharisees that they gave the highest seats to the people who were well dressed and to themselves, but to the people who looked poor they said “sit by my feet or stand there”, so the pharisees were proud, but we should humble ourselves, Jesus humbled himself so much that he came down from heaven and put himself in a human body, and not only that but he died a sinners death on the cross, that is humble, thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me.

So if we humble ourselves we get wisdom, if you remember Jesus was (and is) very wise, and the pharisees didn’t seem to be able to put 1 and 1 to make 2, because when Jesus did miracles and forgave the paralytic of his sins they said ” He can’t forgive sins, only God can forgive sins” so they didn’t put together the fact that Jesus was the messiah and he forgave sins, but God blinded them, thank you Jesus.

Do you trust that Jesus died for your sins?


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