Cry out for mercy…

Hi, Gods word for me today is in Psalms 140:6 which says,” O Lord, I say to You,” You are my God.” Hear, O Lord, my cry for mercy.

So real quick I would like to apologize for not posting yesterday, I’m sick and I needed to go to the hospital and I couldn’t post, but I am glad I can now, so anyway like I have said in a few of my other posts, we should cry out to God for help, and why would we need to cry out to God for help you might ask, well it is because we have sin and the penalty of sin is death, and on our own we cannot take our sins away, much less the sins of others, but Jesus was (and is) the only perfect person, and he could and did die for us, thank you Jesus.

So Jesus died for our sins because he loves us, and no matter what we cannot make ourselves perfect, but Jesus became sin for us, He exchanged his perfection and holiness for our sins and well sins, so Jesus died to make us perfect, and the amazing thing is that Jesus had our sins on him when he died but he rose to the grave and the sins stayed in the grave, so (even though I say it  a lot I really mean it) thank you Jesus.

So you trust in Jesus?


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