We should rejoice why?!

Hi, Gods word for me today is in Psalms 122:1 which says, I rejoiced with those who said to me, “let us go to the house of the Lord.”

So David says that he rejoiced with those who said “let us go to the house of the Lord” (I know I pretty much repeated the verse but how else would I explain it) and as the case usually is we should also rejoice with those who say that to us, because we want to do that (or we should want to do that), also we should rejoice, because Jesus died on the cross for us, and in the house of the Lord we should thank him for that, because he loves us we shouldn’t be afraid because he loves us, I mean are you afraid to walk into the house you live in and see your parents (if you are then I don’t know what to say), and since you usually aren’t it is probably because you know they are not going to hurt you and that they love you, it is the same with Jesus, he loves us he is not going to hurt us.

Although God is a God not only of mercy and love but a God of judgement (because Gods anger and wrath were poured out on Jesus at the cross) but if you believe Jesus died for you and you accept that you needed him (and need him) to die for you then you are righteous because of Jesus, thank you Jesus.

Do you trust in Jesus who saved you?


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