God is gracious to us.

Hi, God has given me something in Psalms 119:58 which says, I have sought your face with all my heart; be gracious to me according to your promise.

So first of all we should seek “Gods face” or God with all of our hearts, how do we do that you ask, well we read the Bible every day and we pray to God and if we are really seeking God in that we will grow spiritually.

Also David “reminds” (which you really can’t do if you know what I mean) God to be gracious to him according to his promise (the same promise as my last post, God promised his son) and God is gracious according to his promise always, even to the worst sinner (as long as we repent of our sins), if we repent and understand Gods promise then we can have Gods promise.

So God has promised his son for us, thank you Jesus, for dying for us.

Do you trust Jesus because he died for you?


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