At the cross God was angry at us, right?

Hi, my promise is in Psalms 89:38 which says, But you have rejected, you have spurned, you have been very angry with your anointed one.

So the gospel is very clear in this verse, because God rejected (he did not forsake him) Jesus he was angry with Jesus, and why was he angry with Jesus, because our sin was on Him, and God hates sin, he does not hate Jesus, he just hated our sin that was on Jesus.

So Jesus had our sin on him so God was angry with him, can you believe it we should have been on the same cross that Jesus was on, but Jesus was, I can’t believe it why would anybody do that?

Jesus did it because he loves us no matter how big a sin that was committed if you accept Jesus as your saviour, your sins are gone, Jesus died for you, that is a lot of love, he loved us so much that he died for us, he loves you and me, it makes me cry just to think that Jesus died on the same cross we should have been.

Have you accepted Jesus as you saviour, because he loves you so much and he died for you.


One thought on “At the cross God was angry at us, right?

  1. Charity, It is truly amazing and yet very inspiring to see the depth of the love and knowledge you have in Christ. You are a jewell in Christs crown for the generations to come. May God bless u and yours today…

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