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Children of the Devil Part 1

Hello everyone! Before I begin I would like to apologize for basically not posting last week; we’ve had a rough week here and it made posting very difficult. However, I will try to continue with my regular weekly posts again. Thank you for your patience!

Today’s post is on John 8:44. In this passage the Pharisees are telling Jesus (Lord of all things) that their true father is Abraham. However, Jesus tells them that if their father was Abraham, they would do as Abraham did: love the Lord! And of course if they loved the Lord they would love Jesus, because the 2 are synonymous. Instead their father was the devil, and Jesus says this because they do as their father does: pride, lying, and namely murder.

So if the pharisees wanted to fulfill their father (the devil)’s desires, then what would it be? To kill Jesus. However, they did not know that this was God’s plan. It was Jesus’ plan to lay down His own life! As odd and unreasonable as it seems, Jesus did lay down his life, but why? For you. For your sins, for your life!

People, being the sinful creatures that we are, could not live without an atonement to cover over our sins and make us blameless in God’s sight. The only other way to live was to obey the law perfectly, but if you’ve been alive for more than 1 second, you must realize that being perfect all the time is impossible for us humans. So, we needed a sacrifice that could atone for all our sins, past, present, and future.

This is what God knew way back before time was even invented. God knew that us humans couldn’t be perfect, and that we’d need a sacrifice to atone for our sins. So, out of love for his people, Jesus became the sacrifice that would atone for all humanity, past, present, and future. Jesus came down from heaven, became a man, and died on a cross to save us from the world from their sins. To save you from your sins


– Charity Cleveland
16 This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.

Marriage and Divorce- The Sermon

Hello everyone, today I really enjoyed the sermon that our pastor preached on Marriage and Divorce; so I’m going to give you a short summary of what I got from his sermon.

He used Matthew 19:3-9 where the pharisees come to Jesus and ask him if divorce is allowed. However, as the pastor said, this was not a sincere question; the pharisees only said this to trap Jesus- as usual. But Jesus did not give a straight out yes or no, instead he brought the pharisees right back to the beginning with Adam and Eve. God has clearly told us that in marriage, two people become as one; this was and is God’s plan for marriage. So, Jesus told them, let no one separate what God has joined.

Yet this inspired another “question” from the pharisees: if this is so, then why did Moses issue a certificate of divorce. This, they thought, would surely stump Jesus and make him look like a fool, yet Jesus had an answer for this question as well: it was because of the hardness of their hearts that made Moses issue a certificate of divorce. Then Jesus goes on to say that anyone of divorces his wife, aside from sexual immorality is committing adultery. This shows us that the only exception to the rule is if a spouse is being unfaithful in the marriage and committing adultery in some way, shape, or form. (The only other exception to the rule, as the pastor pointed out, is if a husband and wife are believer and unbeliever, and the unbeliever leaves their spouse, both of them are free to remarry. 1 Corinthians 7)

But, the pastor said, because it is possible to divorce for such a reason as this does not mean that it is a necessity to divorce after something like this happens. Why? Because of Jesus! With Jesus and the gospel, any marriage is mend-able- any life is mend-able! The pastor illustrated this point by finishing with the story of the adulterous woman; none of the pharisees could justly throw a stone at her because none of them were sinless. And yet Jesus, who was the only one who could truly condemn her, showed her amazing grace.

– Charity Cleveland


Hello everyone! I’m sorry to say that I have left this blog for quite a while, and I apologize to anyone who is still here to read this. I’ve gotten caught up in many things (new school, moving, games etc.) and for a while I did not make the time to post. However, I’m going to continue my posting every week, usually on a Saturday or Sunday.

Also I would like to include an ask for prayer for my sister. A few days ago we went on a skiing/snowboarding trip, and while she was snowboarding, by sister fell and broke her arm. Fortunately she only needs a sling to keep it in position, but it does make her life much more difficult. If you could, please remember her in your prayers for me, thank you!

Thank you all for your patience, and please look forward to a more regular posting schedule!

– Charity Cleveland

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. 1 John 3:16

Guilty or Innocent

Hello, today my sister and I are doing our post together on Proverbs 24:23 which says:

“Whoever says to the guilty, “You are innocent,”
will be cursed by peoples and denounced by nations.”

This is more from Solomon’s wise sayings; and it seems inevitable that whoever judges wrongly would be denounced and shunned. This is because a judge decides the fate of someone; possibly even for life, and it is definitely not a laughing matter. But God’s own son, who loves us very much, came down and said that we were innocent. He made us innocent by taking on our sin. He was cursed by God, and the people hated Him, and killed Him.

Jesus Himself was wrongly judged; however this was something that God intended to happen. Jesus, who was innocent and who never sinned,took our sins upon Himself and was killed upon a cross as though He was the worst of sinners. And the reason that He did this, was to save us; He died for us so that we could live.

Now we can say to the guilty, you can be innocent. You can be innocent because of Jesus. Jesus has taken all the sin of the world, so that we may be innocent. He made us Children of God, and freed us from our sin. Praise the Lord!

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland and,
Peace and love, Joy Cleveland

The Sermon- Lazarus and the Rich Man

Hello, today the Pastor preached on Lazarus and the rich man; and this is our summary of what he said.

Basically the pastor said that we shouldn’t wait until it is too late to believe in Jesus. He said that, for the rich man, it was too late to change his mind and go to heaven.

He also talked about what the rich man said in hell. He asked Abraham to send Lazarus back to Earth to warn his brothers. Abraham said that Moses and the prophets were enough of a reason for his brothers to go to heaven. The pastor said that the rich man was saying that it was God’s fault that he went to hell. The rich man was saying, in essence, that God did not give enough of a reason for the rich man to repent; and so he thought that his brothers should at least be given enough information.

But; that is not true at all! Just look at Jesus; Jesus is our “information”! God sent His very own son to die for us; that is enough of a reason to believe that God loves us and that we do need and have a savior!

Jesus is our savior; He is the way out of Hell. And the Pastor showed us the Gospel very clearly; which I am very thankful for.

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland and,
Peace and love, Joy Cleveland

God’s Love

Hello, today my sister and I are doing our post together on Proverbs 24:20 which says:

“24 for the evildoer has no future hope,
and the lamp of the wicked will be snuffed out.”

Solomon is saying that for those who sin, there is no hope. He is saying that if anyone is evil or wicked, there “lamp” will be snuffed out. In other words, Solomon is saying that God puts His wrath on anyone who disobeys Him and does wickedly.

Unfortunately, we all sin. So according to Solomon, we should all have God’s wrath upon us. We should all perish in hell. So what saved us from that wrath? Jesus did. Jesus took upon Him all the sins of the whole world, and then He took God’s wrath upon Him.

Even though it seemed as though all was lost; because everyone sins no matter how hard we try not to, and we deserved the wrath of God. But there is hope; there is someone who loved us so much that He took all of that punishment and wrath upon Himself. That someone is Jesus; God’s very own son.

Even though we could not obey God’s law, He still loved and loves us! He did not make the law just so that He could destroy us; He made it because He is a just God and He cannot stand anything that is not right. It might seem to human brains that God was “stuck” but of course God cannot be stuck; instead He planned this to happen all along so that He might show His love for us.

And it is the greatest example of love that ever could be seen; God sent His holy, perfect son to die in our place. Because God loves us so much we are saved, and now we are His sons and daughters; all because of Jesus sacrifice for us!

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland and,
Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland